LaShonda Schofield’s Lead Single “Calamity” Shows the Way to True Love, Warns Against Pitfalls of Online Dating

‘Calamity’ blends a harmonious mix of R&B/Soul and Trap, with catchy  lyrics revealing a direct path to requited love.

(November 7, 2019) –  African American singer/songwriter, LaShonda Schofield has written and recorded a number of songs for herself as well as for others, but her new single ‘Calamity’ excites her just like her first recording. ‘Calamity’, the lead single of her EP project  titled, “Salt and Sugar”, will be released on November 8, 2019, and the EP will be distributed around the world in Spring 2020 by her label,  3 OH! 9 Music Group, LLC.

‘Calamity’ blends a harmonious mix of R&B/Soul and Trap. The concept of ‘Calamity’ is centered around the pitfalls of online dating, and the lyrics present a cautionary tale for those who are exploring love through direct messaging and social media.

“In a melodic and catchy way, LaShonda gives the listener a clear lesson in courtship and a direct path to requited love in an effort to “kiss a queen someday” to restore the prospective lover’s chivalry and confidence. This ear candy will leave listeners 3 to 99 singing the lines, ‘…baby, baby, baby,’” said a spokesperson for 3 OH! 9 Music Group.

LaShonda Schofield is the first artist to be signed by 3 OH! 9 Music Group. 3 OH! 9 Music Group is a group of professional songwriters, producers and collaborators. They consider music an opportunity to communicate human expressions in the form of lyrics and melodies. The aim is to eventually create hits that transcend the current genres.

“Calamity” Song Credits
Written By: LaShonda Schofield, Conrad Rosser, and Christopher Rosser

Produced By: Conrad Rosser, Christopher Rosser
Publishers: 3 OH! 9 Music Publishing and Them Rosser Boys Music
Vocal Arrangement: LaShonda Schofield

Recorded By: Kingsley Adeyemi and Chris Alexander, Barron Studios, Houston, Texas
Mixed By: Shawn James, Studio 501 Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
Mastered By: Pete Novak



LaShonda Schofield is a multi-talented recording artist and professional songwriter with a collective number of songs in her catalog. As a member of ASCAP, her catalog of music transcends all genres; and includes Writing, Licensing and Artist Development, and performance. She writes songs for theatrical performances, film, and works with others where they collaborate to compose.

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