The greatest VIBE you’re ever gonna hear.

Who we are

Songwriters, Publishers, Composers, Artists and geniuses creating music

Why we are

We exist to brand & promote songwriters and artists who need a voice and platform to showcase lyrics. We license music & produce songs for the music creators.

Where we are

3 OH! 9 Music is located in Houston with affiliates in Atlanta, Washington DC and the UK

How it starts

Music starts with you. We create and collaborate to bring you songs and lyrics that speak to your vibe. If you want to collaborate or need a “HIT” contact us or view our Playlist for snippets.

I appreciated the focus on the creative experience that is possible, only when the technical side of things is flawless. 3OH!9 gives the recording artist every tool to get the job done and I can’t imagine ever coming out of there without an outstanding result.

LaShonda Schofield

What is Her Vibe?

LaShonda Schofield is a multi-talented professional songwriter and composer with a collective number of songs in her catalog. As a member of ASCAP, her catalog of music transcends all genres; and includes Writing, Licensing and Artist Development and performance. She writes songs for theatrical performances, film, and works with others where they collaborate to compose. She is paid to write lyrics and melodies for songs, typically for all popular music genres. She works closely with the music label directly or alongside a performing artist. Using her entrepreneurism and creativity, she also “pitches” songs to A&R, publishers, agents and managers for consideration.

Music is an opportunity

3 OH! 9 is passionately bound together by a fundamental philosophy of communicating the human expression through music.


A person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.


Visual imagination or original ideas.


The power of music.